Moral Rights: The Future of Copyright Law?

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Mira T. Sundara Rajan, DPhil (Oxon), Canada Research Chair in Intellectual Property Law, Associate Professor of Law, University of British Columbia

(Aug 20, 2009 at Case Western Reserve University, School of Law)
This lecture will introduce the concept of the moral rights of the author, a special branch of copyright law dealing with the artistic, personal, and cultural interests implicated in copyright works. The session will seek to familiarize authors with the approach to moral rights in the United States and major international jurisdictions, including the European Union and United Kingdom, Canada, and India. Moral rights are an area of growing international importance, and there is a strong probability that moral rights claims and concerns will become increasingly common in an era of expanding digital technology. This seminar will help lawyers to identify moral rights issues in their practices, and to present effective arguments on moral rights claims, based on national and international copyright laws.