HD Isabelle Faust: Mozart and Kodaly Duos + Weber Quartet

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Isabelle Faust and Mario Brunello play Mozart: Duo for Violin and Viola G Major KV423, with cello in place of viola, at Lago delle Marmotte.
This performance is part of the concert held on 16 July 2012, the first of three days of a high mountain trekking. Isabelle Faust is playing a Stradivari violin manufactured in 1704 and Mario Brunello is playing a Pietro Maggini cello manufactured in early 1600.

Isabelle Faust and Mario Bunello play the Duo for Violin and Cello Op.7 composed by Zoltán Kodály in 1914 . This pieve is part of a concert played on 17 July 2012

Weber Quartet For Violin Op. 8
Isabelle Faust, violin - Quartet for violin, viola, violoncello and fortepiano, op. 8, II Adagio ma non troppo (2013)