Lubomir Pipkov: Piano Concerto, Symphony No.1 and more

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Lubomir Pipkov Piano Concerto
Nikolay Evrov - Piano
Dobrin Petkov - Conductor
Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra
Movements 1 & 3

Konstantin Iliev conducting Lubomir Pipkov Symphony No.1, Sofia Philharmonic (playlist)

Galina Koycheva (violin) & Geoffrey Dean (cello) - Lubomir Pipkov - Game

Galina Koycheva (violin) & Geoffrey Dean (cello) - Lubomir Pipkov - Spring Vagaries

Lubomir Pipkov - Dances from "Momchil"
Pioneer Philharmonic Orchestra

Lubomir Pipkov: Rachenitsa

Lubomir Pipkov (1904 - 1974) - Rachenitsa (Bulgarian folk dance in 7/8 irregular rhythm) from Spring Caprices (1971-72).
Liubomir Pipkov is Panayot Pipkov's son. He belongs to the second generation of Bulgarian composers. He was among the founding members of the Contemporary Music Society (1933), the predecessor of the Union of Bulgarian Composers. His impressive versatility as a composer, literary man and poet, journalist and public figure, pedagogue and socially involved artist with progressive ideas made his name as one of the leading personalities in the music culture and the intellectual elite in Bulgaria in the period 1930s-1970s.

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