Johan Agrell: Sonatas, Sinfonias and Concertos

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Johan Agrell 6 Cembalo Sonatas

Johan Agrell (playlist 1)

1. Sinfonia in D-major, Op.1, No.1
Nationalmusei Kammarorkester
Claude Génetay

2. Sinfonia in A-major, Op.1, No.3
Nationalmusei Kammarorkester
Claude Génetay

3. Sinfonia in F-major, Op.1, No.6
Nationalmusei Kammarorkester
Claude Génetay

4. Sinfonia in B-major, Op.1, No.4
Nationalmusei Kammarorkester
Claude Génetay

5-7.Concerto in B-minor for flute and harpsichord
Harpsichord: Anders Danman
Flute: Maria Bania
Concerto Copenhagen
Andrew Manze, conductor

Mov.I: Allegro
Mov.II: Andante
Mov.III: Allegro

8. Oboe concerto in B-major
Allegro - Adagio - Allegro
Oboe: Lars Henriksson
Concerto Copenhagen
Andrew Manze

9. Solo Concerto in B minor
Maria Bania-Flute.
Anders Danman-Harpsichord.
Concerto Copenhagen
Andrew Manze

10. Sinfonia in D major
Helsinki Baroque Orchestra, Aapo Häkkinen, Sirkka-Lisa Kaakinen-Pilch concertmaster

11. Concerto No. 3 for traverse flute, pianoforte & strings in G major
Performed by Ensemble Music for Awhile.
Wilbert Hazelzet (baroque flute) and Matthew Halls (fortepiano)

Johan Agrell (playlist 2)

12-14. Concerto for flute, fortepiano and strings in G major
15-17. Concerto for flute, harpsichord and strings in b minor
18-20. Concerto for flute, harpsichord and strings in A major

Wilbert Hazelzet (flute)
Matthew Halls (harpsichord)
Margaret Faultless (violin)
Alida Schat (violin)
Katherine McGillivray (viola)
Jonathan Manson (violoncello)

Johan Joachim Agrell (1 February 1701 -- 19 January 1765) was a late Swedish baroque composer.

He was born in Löth, Östergötland, a province in Sweden and studied in Uppsala. By 1734 he was a violinist at the Kassel court, travelling in England, France, Italy and elsewhere. From 1746 onward, he was Kapellmeister (bandmaster) in Nuremberg. He wrote occasional vocal works and numerous symphonies, harpsichord concertos and sonatas, many of which were published. He was a fluent composer in the north German galant style of the time, and is also an appreciated musician and conductor. In a book by Per Lindfors, it is said that Agrell composed a total of at least 22 symphonies. He died at Nuremberg.