Amadé Németh: Ferenk Erkel Bánk Bán (József Simándy in the title role)

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Ferenk Erkel: Bánk Bán
Erkel Ferenc. Györgyi (Giergl) Alajos (1821–18...
Erkel Ferenc. Györgyi (Giergl) Alajos (1821–1863) festménye (1850-es évek) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

József Simándy (tenor: Bánk Bán)
Karola Ágay (soprano: Melinda)
Sándor Sólyom-Nagy (bariton: Endre II)
Erzsébet Komlóssy (contralt: Gertrud)
József Réti (tenor: Otto)
András Faragó (bass-bariton: Petur bán)
László Palócz (bariton: Biberach)
Gyögy Melis (bariton: Tiborc)
András Rajna (bass: Ranker)

Coro dell'Opera di Stato Ungherese
Philharmonic Orchestra
Amadé Németh, conductor

Bánk bán is an opera in 3 Acts by composer Ferenc Erkel. The work uses a Hungarian language libretto by Béni Egressy which is based on a stage play of the same name by József Katona. (Bán is ban in English, similar to a viceroy, a duke or palatine.) The main storyline is based on the assassination of Queen Gertrúd, wife of Andrew II in 1213. The opera was first performed at the Pesti Nemzeti Magyar Szinház in Pest on 9 March 1861.