Mozart: A Musical Joke K.522


Mozart - A Musical Joke, K. 522 [complete] (Ein musikalischer Spaß)

The music is intentionally written to be funny, being liberally sprinkled with obtrusively clumsy, mechanical and over-repetitive composition, together with passages evidently designed to mimic the effects of inaccurate notation and inept performance. Commentators have opined that the piece's purpose is satirical—that "[its] harmonic and rhythmic gaffes serve to parody the work of incompetent composers" -- though Mozart himself is not known to have revealed his actual intentions.The piece consists of four movements, using forms shared with many other classical divertimenti:

1. Allegro. (In sonata form)
2. Menuetto and Trio.
3. Adagio cantabile.
4. Presto. (Sonata rondo form)