Anonymous 4: The Lily and the Lamb - Chant and Polyphony from Medieval England

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The Lily and the Lamb: Chant and Polyphony from Medieval England
English Anonymous (Composer), Anonymous 4 (Performer)

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1. Processional Hymn: O gloriosa domina
2. Hymn: Þe milde lomb isprad o rode
3. Conductus: Ave Maria gracia plena
4. Conductus: O Maria stella maris
5. Sequence: Stabat iuxta Christi crucem
6. Sequence: Stillat in stellam radium
7. Sequence: Salve virgo singularis
8. Sequence: Stond wel, moder, under roode
9. Sequence: O Maria virgo pia
10. Hymn: In te concipitur
11. Sequence: Jesu Cristes milde moder
12. Motet: Veni mater gracie - Dou way, Robin
13. Motet: O mors moreris - O vita vera - Mors
14. Conductus: Salve virgo tonantis solium
15. Sequence: Miserere miseris
16. Conductus: Ave Maria salus hominum
17. Conductus: Memor esto tuorum
18. Antiphon: Ave regina celorum

The disc's title refers to Mary and her son, the Christ, which is the general theme of the medieval chant, polyphony, and poetry that forms this program. The selections are ordered around three 13th century "sequences" that describe Mary's experiences at the foot of the cross. You can get deep into the mechanics and musicological aspects of this fascinating music, or you can just listen. This is music that speaks to everyone, and the mere sound of these voices, whether in their incredibly pure and perfect unison or multi-colored polyphony, can touch places within that otherwise rarely resonate. There's also something reassuring about connecting in this way with struggling souls of the distant past whose cares and hopes were much like ours. They survived largely due to their faith and its proclamation through music such as this. --David Vernier