Hans Zimmer Live Concert at Flanders Film Festival

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Hans Zimmer is a German film composer and music producer. He has composed music for over 100 films, including award winning film scores for The Lion King (1994), Crimson Tide (1995), Gladiator (2000), The Last Samurai (2003), The Dark Knight (2008) and Inception (2010).

Track Listing
English: Hans Zimmer at the The Dark Knight Pr...
English: Hans Zimmer at the The Dark Knight Premiere (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
0:00:00 Driving Miss Daisy - Driving (6:22)
0:06:22 Rain Man - Leaving Wallbrook (5:06)
0:11:28 Crimson Tide - Roll Tide (8:25)
0:19:53 The Thin Red Line - Journey to the Line (9:54)
0:29:47 The Thin Red Line - Light (6:25)
0:36:12 Nine Months - Suite (5:11)
0:41:23 Gladiator - Suite (11:28)
- Vocal: Lisa Gerrard
0:52:51 Gladiator - Am I Not Merciful? (7:18)
- Vocal: Lisa Gerrard
1:00:09 Gladiator - Now We Are Free (5:13)
- Vocal: Lisa Gerrard
1:05:22 True Romance - Main Theme (3:29)
1:08:51 Chicken Run - Main Theme (3:22) Composed by John Powell
1:12:13 Mission: Impossible 2 - Nyah and Ethan (6:53)
- Guitar: Heitor Pereira
1:19:06 Thelma & Louise - Thunderbird (7:41)
- Guitar: Pete Haycock
1:26:47 The Power of One - Mother Africa (7:11)
- Voc: Lebo M. & N. Keswa
1:33:58 Rythms of the Pride Lands - Lea Halalela (5:51)
- Voc: Lebo & Keswa
1:39:49 Rythms of the Pride Lands - Busa (4:11)
- Voc: Lebo & Keswa

Hans Zimmers Studio - HDR
Hans Zimmers Studio - HDR (Photo credit: Peter Gorges)
Composer Hans Zimmer might be a rising giant in the world of film music, but he has alwa
ys managed to stay on the sidelines when it came to public performances. That all changed in October 2000 at the Flanders Film Festival in Ghent, when Zimmer appeared for the first time on stage with an orchestra and some of his frequent collaborators for a concert of his film music.

Hans Zimmer....
Hans Zimmer Studio - HDR for real
Hans Zimmer Studio - HDR for real (Photo credit: Peter Gorges)
...on the Flanders Film Festival Concert in Ghent, October 2000, and the "Wings of a Film" CD That was my first - and probably my last public concert performing my film works. It's not what I do very well - I was terrified! I get really shy on stage. Anything good about that CD is because of the musicians and Alan Meyerson, my engineer. After the concert, I went back to the studio to listen to the recording and it so
unded awful - I thought it would make a terrible album. It's a very different experience to go out and play live music - you have all of that energy, and people are doing things on stage - but the recording just sounds bad. Listening
to an orchestra played through a PA system is a bad experience! So we started going through the recordings and heard certain parts that didn't sound so bad. I'll admit, I had the matches out and was ready to burn the tapes! I seriously considered giving the record company enough money just to make it all disappear.
...on how he came up with the idea for the concert at Ghent Alcohol. I must have been drunk! I have a really good memory, but I cannot remember saying "yes" to this concert idea, but apparently I had since everyone was telling me I had! Ultimately it was great fun, I just wasn't sure if we could get a record out of it. And I did relax and learn not to be terrified - so I would do it again.
...on how the pieces were chosen for the concert I was initially going to call the whole concert "Guilty Pleasures". You will disagree with me on this, but I have a theory that people will always admit to owning a Paul Simon or Beatles Record. They may even admit to owning an ABBA record. But owning a soundtrack is like a guilty pleasure! "Hey man, let's listen to my Sergio Leone spaghetti western!" But they all have it, and they all love it - so it's a guilty pleasure. I waned to call it a "Guilty Pleasures Tour", and play all of my greatest hits. At one point, I considered calling it "Zimmer's Greatest Hits" - and then I thought, "God, I'm already dead!" So I figured I'd get all the people I'd worked with before - like Lisa Gerrard and Lebo M. It was really about picking pieces of music that were written for these particular people. Mission Impossible 2 was always written for Heitor Pereira. In the concert we had recorded music from Backdraft and Crimson Tide and a lot of other bigger pieces - but they just didn't sound that good, so they aren't on the album. A lot of this stuff you just can't do in three orchestra rehearsals.

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