Edwin McArthur: Deems Taylor Circus Day, Eight Pictures from Memory, San Francisco Symphony

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Deems Taylor (1885-1966): Circus Day, Eight Pictures from Memory, Op. 18

Commissioned by Paul Whitemen in 1925, Taylor wrote Circus Day, Eight Pictures from Memory which was then orchestrated by Ferde Grofe for Whiteman's jazz orchestra in the same fashion that he had previously arranged the "Rhapsody in Blue." The work, however, went unpublished until Taylor later arranged it for symphony orchestra in 1933. Even in the symphonic revision one can easily hear the Whitman jazz influence. Leaning heavily upon his own past circus memories, Taylor had fun composing this work.

1. Introduction/Street Parade
2. The Big Top/Main Event/Bareback Riders
3. Chariot Races
4. Lions
5. Elephants
6. Tightrope Walker
7. Jugglers
8. Clowns
9. Finale

San Francisco Symphony Orchestra
Edwin McArthur
Sept. 24, 1940

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