Royal Danish Theatre Short Videos Collection

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Royal Danish Theatre (Det Kongelige Teater) Short Videos Collection, playlist

The Royal Danish Ballet
The Royal Danish Theatre in Copenhagen
The Royal Danish Theatre in Copenhagen (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The Royal Danish Ballet is the world’s third oldest ballet company. Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, it originates from 1748, and in 1771 the company established the Royal Danish Ballet School which is, as well, among the oldest of its kind.

Principal Dancers
Alban Lendorf
Amy Watson
Gitte Lindstrøm
Gudrun Bojesen
J'aime Crandall
Mads Blangstrup
Marcin Kupinski
Susanne Grinder
Thomas Lund

Copenhagen Opera House - front view
Copenhagen Opera House - front view (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Ulrik Birkkjær

Nikolaj Hübbe, Artistic Director

The Royal Danish Opera
The Royal Danish Opera is Scandinavia’s leading opera company with a long tradition and history. In 2005, the Royal Danish Opera inaugurated its new waterside Opera House in Copenhagen, which has given the company a fitting new venue in which to develop its great artistic potential. The Royal Danish Opera is one of the few opera companies in the world to have a soloist ensemble, one recognised for its very high artistic level. The ensemble soloists are also much in demand at other opera houses throughout the world. The Royal Danish Opera Chorus is celebrated as one of the world’s best, and the Royal Danish Orchestra is known far and wide for being an exceptionally accomplished and dedicated orchestra.

'Skuespilhuset', part of the Royal Theatre ('D...
'Skuespilhuset', part of the Royal Theatre ('Det Kongelige Teater') of Copenhagen, Denmark (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Artistic Director: Sven Müller
Principal Conductor: Michael Boder

The Royal Danish Orchestra
The Royal Danish Orchestra is the world’s oldest orchestra, dating back to 1448 to when it served King Christian I as the Royal Court Trumpet Corps.
Many great conductors and composers have over the years worked with the Royal Danish Orchestra, among others Richard Strauss, Igor Stravinsky, Leonard Bernstein, Sergiu Celibidache and Daniel Barenboim.