Komische Oper Berlin Short Videos Collection

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Komische Oper Berlin Short Videos Collection - Season 2012/13 (playlist)

Season 2011/12 (playlist)

Season 2010/11 (playlist)

Season 2009/10 (playlist)

Season 2008/09 (playlist)

English: Komische Oper, Berlin.
Komische Oper, Berlin. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
In 1947, Walter Felsenstein founded and led the
resident opera company, the Komische Oper, until his death in 1975. Götz Friedrich was an assistant to Felsenstein at the company. Joachim Herz became general director after Felsenstein's death and served
until 1981. Subsequently, Harry Kupfer directed the company for 21 seasons, until 2002. The company specializes in German language productions of opera, operetta and musicals. In 2007 the company won,
jointly with Oper Bremen, the "Opera house of the year" award by the Geman magazine Opernwelt. Between 2002 and 2012 the company's chief director and Intendant was Andreas Homoki. From the Season 2012/13 Barrie Kosky is company's chief director and Artistic Director.

Komische Oper Berlin Short Videos Collection Part 2