Iraqi National Symphony Orchestra at TEDxBaghdad

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Curious: TEDxBaghdad 2011 - Karim Wasfi (Iraqi National Symphony Orchestra)

Relish the musical renditions performed by the youth of the Academy of Peace Through Art, a school founded under the aegis of the Iraqi National Symphony Orchestra (INSO). Led by Maestro Karim Wasfi, Director of INSO since 2004, the orchestra plays classical European music as well as original compositions based on Iraqi and Arab instruments that is steeped in Middle Eastern musical traditions.

The INSO Documentary Film Official Trailer 2012

This is the trailer of my new Documentary Film titled "The Iraqi National Symphony Orchestra" which will be participating in international film festivals soon.

The Iraqi National Symphony Orchestra is considered as the oldest Orchestra in the Arab world, where it's beginning was in the forties of the last century.