Hermann Prey: 500 Videos Collection (Operas, Operettas, Cantatas, Oratorios and more)

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Hermann Prey sings Operas and Operettas
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Hermann Prey sings Cantatas, Oratorios and more.
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Hermann Prey sings Lieder
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HERMANN PREY (1929-98)  - "Hermann Prey was one of those singers [...] who can be regarded as a trophy for music, or more particularly for what nowadays is called 'classical' music. Under that heading is lumped everything from mediaeval plainsong to postmodernist minimalism, and Prey was interested in virtually the whole of it. [...] - He was [...] a highly successful opera singer. [...] In Mozart's 'Die Zauberflote' he was a Papageno of rare charm, seeing the character as a figure of fantasy but not a clown. After the premiere of a new production at the Metropolitan in New York in 1967 he was embraced by the set and costume designer, the eighty-year-old Chagall, with cries of 'Monsieur Prrey, you are Mozaarr!' [...]" --- J. B. Steane, "The Singers - Hermann Prey" (Decca), 2001.