The National Ballet of Portugal Short Videos Collection

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The National Ballet of Portugal (Companhia Nacional de Bailado) Short Videos Collection

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In May 2001 Ana Pereira Caldas becomes general director of The National Ballet of Portugal and in September of 2002 Mehmet Balkan assumes its artistic direction. One year later, Teatro Camões becomes "The House of Dance" and The National Ballet of Portugal performance headquarters. During this period the main challenge consists of combining great classical production with national creation (including experimental programs by Mark Deputter).

In October of 2007 Vasco Wellenkamp is appointed artistic director and assumes a nuclear challenge to this structure: the combination of classical repertoire with contemporary creation, including national creation.

In September of 2010 Luísa Taveira is assessor to the OPART Administration and since October 2010, Luísa Taveira is artistic director of the Companhia Nacional de Bailado and of the Theatre Camões.
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Teatro Camoes Lisboa
Teatro Camoes Lisboa (Photo credit: Wikipedia)