Armenian Sacred Music Selections


Armenian Sacred Music (Tagaran, Ensemble of Ancient Music of Armenia)

Mesrop Mashtots (5th century)
Movses Khorenatsi, an Armenian historian and a...
Movses Khorenatsi, an Armenian historian and author of the History of Armenia. He is credited with the earliest known historiographical work on the history of Armenia, but was also a poet, or hymn writer, and a grammarian. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
1. How Great Your Goodness Is (00:00)

Sahak Partev (5th century)
2. You Who Saved Three Youths (03:14)

Movses Khorenatsi (5th century)
3. Miraculous Birth (06:20)

Stepanos Syunetsi I (5th century)
4. Pharaoh and His Chariots (09:27)

Komitas Akhtsetsi (7th century)
5. The Souls Who Dedicated Themselves (13:10)

Anania Shirakatsi (7th century)
6. A Godsent Dove (18:07)

Sahak Dzoraporetsi (7th century)
7. With an All-conquering Banner (22:19)

Grigor Narekatsi (10th century)
8. Eyes as Deep as a Sea (25:59)

Nerses Shnorali (12th century)
9. New Flower (00:00)
10. Creator of Youths (04:06)
11. Recall the Name of God in the Night (07:04)
12. Christ Reaching Out His Hands (10:26)
13. Radiant Morning (14:13)
14. Profess with Seraphs (17:24)
15. Mankind Rejoiced (19:31)

Nerses Lambronatsi (12th century)
16. Christ Is Risen (24:32)

Vardan Araveltsi (13th century)
17. You Who Adorned Yourselves (26:47)

Akop Klayetsi (13th century)
18. The Heavenly Hosts Rejoice Today (30:33)