Herbert Blomstedt: Nielsen Symphonies Nos 1 to 6, San Francisco Symphony

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Carl Nielsen (1865-1931)
Herbert Blomstedt
Herbert Blomstedt
Carl Nielsen
 Carl Nielsen
Nielsen Symphonies Nos 1 to 6 Playlist
Herbert Blomstedt, conductor
San Francisco Symphony

1-4. Nielsen - Symphony No. 1
5-6. Nielsen - Symphony No. 2 "The Four Temperaments"
7-10. Nielsen - Symphony No. 3 "Espansiva"
11-15. Nielsen - Symphony N° 4, FS 76 "The Inextinguishable"
16-19. Nielsen - Symphony No. 5
20-26. Nielsen - Symphony N° 6, FS 116 "Sinfonia semplice"

Herbert Blomstedt/GOL(2003 Live)
Nielsen Symphony No.1 in G minor, op.7

English: Carl Nielsen's workroom Vodroffsvej w...
Carl Nielsen's workroom Vodroffsvej where the composition of Sinfonia Espansiva was completed in 1911. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Carl Nielsen outside his childhood ho...
Carl Nielsen outside his childhood house at Nørre Lyndelse, Funen, Denmark in 1927
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)