Michael Giacchino: Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol Soundtrack

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Michael Giacchino: Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol OST. Playlist

Michael Giacchino, on the Oscar red carpet wit...
Michael Giacchino, on the Oscar red carpet with his sister. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
01 Give Her My Budapest
02 Light the Fuse
03 Knife to a Gun Fight
04 In Russia, Phone Dials You
05 Kremlin With Anticipation
06 From Russia With Shove
07 Ghost Protocol
08 Railcar Rundown
09 Hendricks' Manifesto
10 A Man, a Plan, a Code, Dubai
11 Love the Glove
12 The Express Elevator
13 Mission Impersonatable
14 Moreau Trouble Than She's Worth
15 Out for a Run
16 Eye of the Wistrom
17 Mood India
18 Mumbai's the Word
19 Launch Is On Hendricks
20 World's Worst Parking Valet
21 Putting the Miss In Mission
22 Mission Impossible Theme