Mats Rondin: Gustaf Bengtsson Cello Concerto, Tobias Ringborg

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Cello Concerto by Gustaf Bengtsson. Performed by Mats Rondin. Conducted by Tobias Ringborg with the Malmö Opera Orchestra.

I. Allegro Ma Non Troppo - 00:00
II. Andante Cantabile - Molto Espressivo - 12:09
III. Allegretto Moderato E Marcato - 19:14

"The Cello Concerto begins eerily as though the music is influenced by Nordic mythology (trolls etc). The cello muses, argues against such strange figures, the orchestra defiantly answering until the mood lightens and suddenly another haunting, heart-on-sleeve melody arrives developed by both soloist and orchestra. Drama and romance alternate through the movement. The beautiful, elegiac Andante slow movement, eloquently read by Rondin, was highly regarded and sometimes performed separately. It has a quiet prayer-like quality. The rhythmically interesting finale has an out-of-doors freshness and vivacity and glowing nostalgic material."