Hans Zimmer: Tears of the Sun Soundtrack

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Tears Of The Sun Soundtrack
OST music composed by
Cover of
Cover of Tears Of The Sun
Various Artists
James Dooley
Lisa Gerrard
Steve Jablonsky
Heitor Pereira
Martin Tillman
Hans Zimmer

Performed by The Hollywood Studio Symphony
Conducted by Bruce Fowler
Release Date: March 18, 2003

Track Listing
Yekeleni Part I/ Mia's Lullabye 0:00, Heart of Darkness 2:36, Small Piece for Doumbek and Strings/ Kopano Part I 4:35, Under the Forest Calm 13:32, Yekeleni Part II/ Carnage 14:40, Kopano Part II 22:35, Night 25:00, Cry in Silence 27:34, The Jablonsky Variations on a Theme by HZ/ Cameroon Border Post 29:39, The Journey/ Kopano Part III 38:22

Tears Of The Sun Suite

Tears Of The Sun Trailer