Hans Zimmer: Sherlock Holmes 1 and 2 Soundtracks

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Sherlock Holmes Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (playlist)
Music composed by Hans Zimmer. Music produced by Hans Zimmer and Lorne Balfe.
Conducted by Gavin Greenaway

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows Soundtrack (playlist)
Music By Hans Zimmer; Conducted by Gavin Greenaway

1. I See Everything
2. That Is My Curse (Shadows - Part 1)
3. Tick Tock (Shadows - Part 2)
4. Chess (Shadows - Part 3)
5. It's So Overt It's Covert
6. Romanian Wind
7. Did You Kill My Wife?
8. He's All Me Me Me
9. The Mycroft Suite
10. To The Opera!
11. Two Mules For Sister Sara
12. Die Forelle
13. Zu Viele Füchse Für Euch Hänsel
14. The Red Book
15. Moral Insanity
16. Memories Of Sherlock
17. The End?
18. Romani Holiday (Antonius Remix)

Hans Zimmer - Sherlock Holmes A Game of Shadows Score (playlist)