János Fusz Quartet for flute, Viola, Cello and Guitar

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1 FREE Audiobook RISK-FREE from AudibleJános Fusz (1777-1819) won early repute as an organist and pianist having taught piano in Tolna before Pozsony. He composed his first opera "Pyramus es Thisbe" while in Pozsony whereupon he moved to Vienna to study with Albrechtsberger. Traveling between Vienna and Pozsony, Fusz composed a number of operas and melodramas including "Watwort," "Romulus und Remus" and "Das Medaillon" among others. He made contact with both Haydn and Beethoven, composed a quartet for a guitar and string trio, and wrote a number of overtures, and chamber works including a violin sonata and sonatinas for violin and piano; he was highly popular during his lifetime for his many songs, earning recognition from Beethoven among others. Although Hungarian, Fusz represents the German element in Hungarian music.