Great Piano Brands Episode 5: Fazioli

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Great Piano Brands Episode 5: Fazioli

Mini-Documentary on Fazioli Pianos
Pianists interviewed: Tien Hsieh, Angela Hewitt, Tim Zhang, and Duo Duetta: Dorothy & Janice.

Interviews also with Paolo Fazioli, Alan Merriam, and Manuel Bernaschek

Fazioli Factory Tour

Fazioli pianos are considered by many to be the finest pianos made today. Signor Fazioli and his small team make around one hundred pianos each year. Such limited production ensures that each instrument receives the highest level of care and attention from the start of its production until it finally leaves the factory. No mass production techniques are used at the Fazioli factory which is why each and every Fazioli has a unique personality.

...FAZIOLI Pianos in the News!