Chris Goodwin and Jeni Melia: The Last of Old England

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The Last of Old England:
Chris Goodwin (lute) and Jeni Melia (soprano) that together make this time an impressive medieval music. If you like Baroque, medieval or ever heard any of that, they'll love it if I never hear medieval music, I recommend you hear it, it's my old, and this time is reproduced in a very rudimentary and traditional voice and lute alone, you will do more than agree to a movie, whether king Arthur's knights, dragons, ancient civilizations, crusades and others.

1-O waly waly ()trad) (3:11)
02-Come again sweet love (Dowland) (2:14)
03-To ask for all thy love (Dowland) (4:07)
04-Arise Arise (trad) (1:59)
05-Have you seen but the white lily: (R Johnson) (1:58)
06-Give beauty all her right (Campion) (2:29)
07-Curranto (anon) (0:55)
08-Oft have I sighed (Campion) (2:42)
09-Green bushes (trad) (3:54)
10-The low low lands of Holland (trad) (3:04)
11-With my love my life was nestled (Morley) (1:46)
12-Blackbirds and thrushes (trad) (1:50)
13-Full fathom five they father lies (R Johnson) (1:26)
14-She moved through the fair (trad) (2:43)
15-Mr. Dowland's midnight (Dowland) (0:54)
16-O mistress mine (T Morley) (1:09)
17-How now shepherd what means that: (anon) (1:54)
18-What then is love but mourning: (Rosseter) (1:55)
19-Gather your rosebuds (Lawes) (1:14)
20-The seeds of love (trad) (2:48)
21-Fairest isle all isles excelling (Purcell) (2:04)
22-The lark in the morn (trad) (1:21)
23-The oak and the ash (trad) (1:55)
24-Bonny at morn (trad) (1:53)
25-Rest sweet nymphs (Pilkington) (3:42)
26-Gartan mother's lullaby (trad) (1:36)