Martyn Brabbins: Cyril Scott Symphonies 1 and 3 (BBC Philharmonic)

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Cyril Scott - Symphony No. 1 in G Major (1899)
Conducted by Martyn Brabbins with the BBC Philharmonic.

I. Allegro Frivolo - 00:00
II. Andante Con Moto - 6:43
III. Allegretto - 13:07
IV. Finale - Themes and Variations - 18:09
IV. Finale - Fuga - 26:01

Cyril Scott - Symphony No. 3 "The Muses" (1937)
Conducted by Martyn Brabbins with the BBC Philharmonic and Huddersfield Choral Society.

I. Melpomene - Music of Epic Poetry and Tragedy - 00:00
II. Thalia - Music of Comedy and Merry Verse - 14:32
III. Erato - Music of Love and Poetry - 20:13
IV. Terpsichore - Music of Dance and Song- 26:57

Symphony No. 3 The Muses requires an enormous orchestra, including four flutes, a large percussion section with wind machine and two harps, the distinctive sound of orchestral piano, and in the last movement a vocalising choir. The symphony, which celebrates four of the nine muses (daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne and the spirits of poetry, the arts and astronomy), is the crowning work of Scott's compositional career up to the outbreak of the Second World War.