Jörgen van Rijen: Henri Tomasi Trombone Concerto

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Henri Tomasi - Trombone Concerto (1956) [Jörgen van Rijen]

I. Andante et Scherzo-Valse [0:00]
II. Nocturne [8:14]
III. Tambourin [13:28]

A concerto for trombone and orchestra by French composer Henri Tomasi (1901-1971). This work in three movements is very French in character, at times somewhat impressionistic. It is notable for its elegance, dance rhythms and evocation of popular and street music. The third movement Tambourin is a lively French dance in duple meter, a form used often by Baroque and Classical composers such as Rameau and Grétry.

Trombonist: Jörgen van Rijen
Conductor: Ed Spanjaard
Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra