HD Five Hebrew Love Songs - Eric Whitacre

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The combined choirs of the Salt Lake Choral Artists (Young Choral Artists, Women's Choir, Concert Choir, Chamber Choir and Vocal Artists) along with local High School choirs perform Five Hebrew Love Songs by Eric Whitacre live in concert on February 19, 2011 in Libby Gardner concert hall, under the direction of Dr. Brady Allred

Leslie Henrie

Laurel Enke

I. Temuna (A Picture) A picture is engraved in my heart; Moving between light and darkness: A sort of silence envelopes your body, And your hair falls upon your face just so.

II. Kala Kalla (Light Bride) Light bride She is all mine, And lightly She will kiss me!

III. Larov (Mostly) "Mostly," said the roof to the sky, "the distance between you and I is endlessness; But a while ago two came up here, And only one centimeter was left between us."

IV. Eyze Shelleg! (What Snow!) What snow! Like little dreams Falling from the sky.

V. Rakut (Tenderness) He was full of tenderness; She was very hard. And as much as she tried to stay thus, Simply, and with no good reason, He took her into himself, And set her down In the softest, softest place. Hila Plitmann