Carl Bamberger/Grace Hoffman: Brahms Alto Rhapsody

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Get Pink Floyd T-Shirts & Merch from Rock.comGrace Hoffman (1921-2008), alto; Carl Bamberger (1902-1987) leads the Symphony Orchestra and Chorus of the Norddeutscher Rundfunk, Hamburg. From the double LP you see above, issued on the Nonesuch label in 1963.

Carl Bamberger (* 21. Februar 1902 in Wien, Österreich-Ungarn; † 18. Juli 1987 in New York, N.Y.) war ein amerikanischer Dirigent und Musikpädagoge österreichischer Herkunft. A native of Vienna, he came to the United States in the mid-1930's after working with such European musical figures as Bruno Walter and Karl Boehm. He joined the faculty of the Mannes School of Music in New York and received conducting assignments from among other musical organizations, the New York City Opera and the New York Philharmonic. He also pursued a recording career, conducting radio and opera orchestras in Cologne, Hamburg and Stuttgart in West Germany.

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