Rudolf Nureyev: Tchaikovsky The Sleeping Beauty, Ballet de L'Opera de Paris

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Tchaikovsky, The Sleeping Beauty

The Tchaikovsky Sleeping Beauty Ballet is a near-perfect classic, a captivating fantasy story filled with magic and poetry. The composer himself loved the project, and was extremely proud of his music.The charming fairy tale is seen as the height of classical ballet, one of the greatest, purest works in the art form. It also holds a special place in the hearts of loads of great ballet dancers, since it inspired a lot of them to first start pirouetting and leaping around.
History of Sleeping Beauty.:The story was based on the Grimm Brothers' version of imaginative Frenchman Charles Perrault's 18th century tale "The Sleeping Beauty". Tchaikovsky loved the story when he read it, and became super-enthusiastic about the ballet. It was his second ballet, and he composed in a whirl of intensity, loving every second of it.

Ballet de L'Opera de Paris
Rudolf Nureyev choreographed