The Art of Conducting: Lorin Maazel Episode 2

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On this episode: Lorin Maazel: The Pyongyang Concert plus works of Prokofiev and Rodrigo.

Playlist: The New York Philharmonic's famous concert at the East Pyongyang Grand Theatre in Pyongyang, North Korea, titled "The Pyongyang Concert.
English: Tomb of King Tongmyong, Pyongyang, No...
English: Tomb of King Tongmyong, Pyongyang, North Korea (259-298BC) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

1. "Opening"
2. "Welcome Speech"
3. "National Anthem of North Korea "
4. "Star Spangled Banner"
5."Lohengrin: Prelude to Act III"
6. "Introduction by Lorin Maazel"
7. "Adagio - Allegro Molto"
9. "Scherzo. Molto vivace"
10. "Allegro con fuoco"
11. "Introduction by Lorin Maazel 2"
12. Gershwin "An American in Paris Part 1/2"
13. "An American In Paris Part 2/2"
14. "Farandole"
15. "Introduction by Lorin Maazel 3"
16. "Candide: Overture"
17. "Arirang"
18. "Credits"

Lorin Maazel: Prokofiev Symphony No. 5 in B Flat Major, Cleveland Orchestra

I. Andante
II. Allegro giocoso
III. Adagio
IV. Allegro giocoso

Andrea Bocelli/Lorin Maazel: Joaquín Rodrigo Sentimento

English: Bust of the Spanish composer Joaquín ...
English: Bust of the Spanish composer Joaquín Rodrigo, with an image of his wife, the pianist Victoria Kamhi, in the background. The España Park in Rosario city, Santa Fe, Argentina. Español: Busto del compositor español Joaquín Rodrigo, con su mujer, la pianista Victoria Kamhi en el fondo. Situado en el parque de España de la ciudad de Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Artists: Andrea Bocelli - tenor / London Symphony Orchestra / Lorin Maazel - conductor / Lorin Maazel - violin
Composer : Joaquín Rodrigo 1901-1999
Arrangement : Arr. Lorin Maazel
Recording date : October 2000
Recording location : London