RARE Norman Dello Joio Symphony for Voices and Orchestra

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Eileen Farrell
Eileen Farrell
A rare recording of the world premiere performance of the "Symphony for Voices and Orchestra" (1945) composed by Norman Dello Joio.

Robert Shaw comissioned the work the previous year. The text was culled by Dello Joio from Stephen Vincent Benet's "Western Star" published in 1943. The 'symphonic cantata' is composed in three movements: ''Virginia'', ''New England'', and ''The Sharp Star in the West''.

Shaw's soloists are Eileen Farrell, soprano; Joseph Victor Laderoute, tenor; and Robert Merrill, baritone. Frederic Hart is the narrator. Carnegie Hall, 28 April 1945. In 1952, the composition was withdrawn and revised under the title "Song of Affirmation."