Music for the Royal Wedding of Louis XIV (Lully, Lambert, Cavalli)

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Music for the Royal Wedding of Louis XIV (Musiques pour le Marriage de Louis XIV)
Music composed by Michel Lambert, Jean-Baptiste Lully, Francesco Cavalli
La Simphonie du Marais / Hugo Reyne

Jean-Baptiste LULLY (1632-76): Ballet de Toulouse. Ballet de Xerxès

Michel LAMBERT (1610-1696): Air de la Paix

LULLY: Airs de la Paix ‘Douce et charmante Paix’; ‘Courage Amour la Paix est faite’. Motet de la Paix ‘Jubilate Deo’

Francesco CAVALLI (1602-76): Ercole amante prologue & finale

LULLY: Ballet d’Hercule amoureux; Ballet des 7 Planètes

Live recording 22/23 March 2007

Jean-Denis Monory (narr.), Françoise Masset (sop.), Céline Ricci (sop.), François-Nicolas Geslot (alto), Florian Westphal (bass)

Originally intended as the first release in Hugo Reyne’s invaluable series of Lully recordings, this compendium of music composed for the Royal Wedding of Louis XIV and Maria Theresa (which finally brought peace between France and Spain, in 1660) proves well worth waiting for. It is a wide-ranging collection of pieces, mostly by Lully and Cavalli, and mostly music for a ballet ‘Ercole amante’, which was not finally performed until the theatre, specially built for its production, was completed some two years after the marriage! We have come to rely on Hugo Reyne’s brilliance, in bringing his painstaking scholarship to tingling life, and this new offering will certainly not disappoint.