Lost Mozart Work Found! Played for the first time - Watch in HD

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Newly discovered Mozart piece performed in Salzburg
A newly discovered Mozart piano piece composed when the child prodigy was 11 years old has been presented and performed for the first time in his former family home.

Watch in HD - Florian Birsak playing Allegro Molto in C Major: A World Premiere - The very first recording of a newly found piano piece by W.A. Mozart

A composition by Wolfgang Mozart was played for the first time in the composers home in Salzburg, Austria. Experts say the piece was written in 1767, when Mozart was 11. It was found in an attic last summer.
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Two Mozart Childhood Compositions Unveiled in Sa

(2 August 2009) Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's momentous legacy grew Sunday as researchers unveiled two piano pieces recently identified as childhood creations by the legendary composer.
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This is the newly discovered Mozart Piano Concerto in G played by Florian Birsak in Salzburg 2009. This is also supposed to have been composed by Mozart around the age of 7 or 8. The orchestral version is copyrighted so this is only the piano part. More information at http://www.mozarteum.at/