Ferdinand Leitner: Carl Orff Prometheus (Roland Hermann)

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Carl Orff's Prometheus after Aeschylus is performed in the original Ancient Greek and is in 9 Scenes.

NB: (Obviously Carl Orff's interpretation of the Ancient Greek language was entirely his own creation since he had the liberty as an composer/artist to use free imagination.)

Ferdinand Leitner conducts the Koln Radio Symphony Orchestra and the West German Radio Women's Choir. Historic release...first time on CD.


PROMETHEUS - Roland Hermann
POWER - Joseph Greindl
HEPHAESTUS - Heinz Cramer
OCEANUS - Keith Engen
IO - Colette Lorand
HERMES - Fritz Uhl
OCEANIDES - Edda Moser, Raili Kostia, Sophia van Sante

SCENE TWO starts at: 10:57
SCENE THREE starts at: 15:52
SCENE FOUR starts at: 36:35
SCENE FIVE starts at: 46:23
SCENE SIX starts at: 107:07
SCENE SEVEN starts at: 145:28
SCENE EIGHT starts at: 153:00
SCENE NINE starts at: 204:01

After it's stage premiere in 1968, it was produced in 1972 in a recording with the same cast and conductor, with the composer present in the studio.

It is recommended to have a copy of Aeschylus's play on hand while listening to this recording...